Our Circle of Values

Our CIRCLE Of Values


We are motivated by a common desire to make Morgan Hill a better place.  We consider it a privilege and an honor when friendships arise from community involvement.


We strive to do things right by being truthful in our words and actions.  Our mandate is to act with integrity, own our actions, correct mistakes and learn from experience. 


We value everyone’s contribution and recognize that everyone makes a difference.  We provide an environment of trust and encourage openness and flexibility.  We place a high value on collaboration because we know that the power of many is greater than the power of one. 


We are committed to realizing our mission.  We take responsibility for the quality of our program and aim to exceed expectations of our community. 


We are an organization dedicated to the training and development of future leaders for the Morgan Hill community.  We embrace change and seek ways to facilitate continuing education and personal growth. 


We have a broad view of volunteerism that encompasses the time, talent and treasure that people contribute.  The success of our program is measured in terms of increases in engagement in our community.