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What Is Leadership Morgan Hill About?

LMH LogoLeadership Morgan Hill is a training and development program created to inspire future leaders to community service. The local program, founded in 1995, is similar in concept to leadership programs in place in many other California communities. The nine-month leadership program is designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge of the local political, economic and government structures of our community. Find out more about us.

The Leadership Morgan Hill Excellence Award Honoree Named! 

2017 Leadership Excellence Award HonoreeEach year, Leadership Morgan Hill honors a community member who has vision and leadership that advance the spirit of community and charity; reflects courage and insight; and inspires others to lead in a like manner. This year, we honor Lisa DeSilva with the Leadership Morgan Hill Excellence Award .





Class of 2017 Kicks Off!

Twenty folks have been accepted and started the journey known as Leadership Morgan Hill Class of 2017! The journey began with an orientation days before the opening retreat. It will continue to graduation in September. Along the way, the class will learn about various aspects of the greater Morgan Hill community, meet movers and shakers in Morgan Hill, Santa Clara County and even the state and learn about ways they can make a difference in Morgan Hill. This group of talented individuals will also come together as a team in creating and executing a class project that contributes to Morgan Hill in some way. After graduation, they will join 21 other classes  as alumni of Leadership Morgan Hill. 

Meet Morgan Hill - Learn about our community in this video.

Congratulations Lisa DeSilva!!
2017 Leadership Excellence Award Honoree
Announcing...the Class of 2017
LMH Class of 2017