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What Is Leadership Morgan Hill About?

LMH LogoLeadership Morgan Hill is a training and development program created to inspire future leaders to community service. The local program, founded in 1995, is similar in concept to leadership programs in place in many other California communities. The nine-month leadership program is designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge of the local political, economic and government structures of our community. Find out more about us.

Apply Now for the Leadership Class of 2017

Applications are now being accepted for the next Leadership Morgan Hill class beginning in January. Is this the year you finally do it? Do you know someone who would be interested? How about new residents with community leadership potential? Find out more about us

Class of 2016 Creates Community Park

The Leadership Morgan Hill Class of 2016 transformed a neighborhood eyesore adjacent to Loritta Bonfante Johnson Education Center, home of Central High School, into an educational community park. Where dirt and weeds once dominated the landscape, six benches, flower beds and plants welcome visitors. Where a rusty and litter-filled water pump once stood, neighbors now see an attractively painted water pump surrounded by potato vine plants. Photos of the project can be seen with this link.

Meet Morgan Hill

Check out this video to get to know our community.

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Congrats to the Leadership Class of 2016
LMH Class of 2016 Graduation